Saturday, November 7, 2009

Summer Visitors

Summer is long gone. Heck, it never even showed up in New England. We had a very cool summer, which I believe my Southern visitors enjoyed. I have hundreds of pictures from all my visitors this summer and the sights we saw. I enjoyed three Duck Tours this summer, capping out my total Duck Tours at ELEVEN. Boston Duck Tours should make me an honorary ConDUCtor. I love my friends and family who come visit me. If you haven't come - COME! If you've already visited - COME AGAIN!

4th of July was spent in Breezy Point, NY with my friend Chris (formerly known as Ohio, more recently referred to as "Two.") Breezy Point is a "sidewalk community" and I like to say it's a place frozen in time, as children play freely outside, running around with neighborhood kids from sun-up to sun-down with no regard for the concerns that exist outside the island. I found this quite amazing, as Manhattan is right across the bay. I went to Coney Island on the 4th and watched Joey Chesnut win the Nathan's hot dog eating contest. GREAT people watching!

My Mom and Dad (pick up your jaw off the ground - yes, my Dad came to visit) came to Boston the week after the 4th. The weather was exceptionally cool and windy when my Dad was here, but he thought it was great. My Dad saw all the sights of Boston and we wrapped up his visit with a nice dinner at Mooo. My Mom stayed for another week and I loved having her all to myself. Keep in mind, being the third daughter, I've never had her to myself before. We made sure to see some sights I'd never seen before, including the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, some of the mansions in Newport, RI and Castle Island, a former US Army post.

Melissa and her family came to visit for a week. It was a very action packed week! Duck Tour, Freedom Trail, Children's Museum, Aquarium, Red Sox game, beach and numerous dinners....we never stopped going! Kambree and Kanyon were great tourists! My favorite picture of Kambree is from the first hour she arrived in Boston. I had gone to Target to buy her another face mask-goggle thing. It happened to come with a snorkel and fins. As soon as I gave it to her, she immediately put it on - all of it. She must of noticed the elliptical machine the very next minute, as she started riding the elliptical with all her snorkel gear on. It was hilarious. For the rest of the weekend, anytime we spent at my apartment, Kambree spent on the elliptical. If only I was that committed...

The day the Kothmann's left, some Mason friends arrived. They should have ran into each other in the Austin airport, as they were boarding the plane the Kothmann's were getting off, my thanks to a certain someone who is chronically late, they missed each other (my Friends thankfully made the flight!) Scott, Kylie and Jeff came for some unprecedented Boston fun. And were the co-riders of the 11th Duck Tour.

Perhaps I can move onto Fall Fun now and be a little more timely with my posts.

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