Sunday, February 22, 2009


1. Niagara Falls
Added bonus was the Blue Jays game

2. Cape Cod

3. Maine

4. Nantucket

5. Martha's Vineyard
(not checked off - tbc SUMMER 2009)

6. Providence - firewater and shopping
We went shopping (and eating, of course) in Providence...but Firewater is still on The List.

7. Whale Watching

8. Hiking in Vermont or New Hampshire
Vermont (above) AND New Hampshire (below)

9. Snowshoeing

10. Plymouth rock
(not checked off - tbc SUMMER 2009)

11. Salem

12. Berkshires

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boston Bucket List minus two

Katie, Laurie and I went to the Berkshires (note to self: check The Berkshires off the Boston Bucket List) to spend the weekend at a spa resort. It was everything I hoped it would be.
And more.
Between the three of us, we did a little of everything this weekend - yoga, cycling, water aerobics, massage, facials, steam room, snow shoeing, yummy food, good wine...
...and lots and lots of laughter.

Snow-shoeing. Another activity to check off the Boston Bucket List!

Seriously. She has problems.

This is me coming over the huge cliff. Right after this picture was taken, I did a toe touch in the air and landed perfectly on the ground. Not even kidding.

Full moon at Cranwell. Despite popular belief, the snow IS NOT on fire.

Megan, Laurie and Katie at the Mansion.

Friday, February 13, 2009


My latest accomplishment. $85 parking ticket.

I'm no stranger to the florescent orange envelope on the windshield that these rip-proof, tear-proof, weather-proof, coffee-stain proof parking tickets are so lovingly delivered in. But, eighty-five dollars? Parking tickets are typically $20 - $40. My Boston Bud used to tell me that Boston should name a street after me for all the money I've given them.

Do you hear that, Boston? Name a street after me already!

Just for fun, I added up my parking tickets and tow fees I've paid since moving to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (Keep in mind, these are just the charges pulled from auditable records I maintain (because, according to my Mom, I'm a packrat. Others might think it's because I'm an accountant. To each their own...))

One thousand. Two hundred. Sixty. Four. Dollars.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Ice Fishin'

"Sometimes when I'm sitting here, I can hear the lake moving underneath me. My husband tells me it's just the lake making ice, but I don't believe him."
Crystal the Ice Fisherwoman

On Katie and my drive out to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, we passed a lake with ice fishers. Being from the south, the entire concept of "ice fishing" is about as foreign as understanding why Europeans don't wear deoderant. So we stopped. It's hard to believe, but the following pictures are photographed on a frozen lake. 2 feet frozen according to Crystal's dad.

Here is Katie with Crystal's dad, Crystal and Crystal's husband. And their rainbow trout they caught. They had been on the lake since 3am!

They had all sorts of gear. More than I could ever remember to pack. Here, Katie and I warm our hands by the fire. Notice how everyone else is completely bundled up and I'm wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and fleece pants. Yay, I'm tough....or something.

Here I am bringing back my signature move from Argentina.
I resemble a figure skater. Must be my grace.

Here is Katie after she tried to copy my signature move. Please donate to her triathalon. She's going to need it for the bike event.

How cute is this little man?

He demonstrated how the hole driller machine worked and then let Katie give it a shot.

Katie's job well done.

After all this, we were really cold, so we ran back to the warm car and continued on our way to the spa...

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Good and the Bad

The Good:

My good friend Katie is in Boston! YAY! She flew in for the weekend. I picked her up from the Hartford airport last night and we laughed all the way back to Boston. And when I say laughed, I mean my stomach muscles are sore we laughed so much.

The Bad:

This is what I woke up to this morning. I think if you looked up "flat" in Webster's, you'd see this very same picture. Dad - please send money.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Splish Splash

Growing up, it was the kids with summer birthdays that were the lucky ones. They got to have swim parties. Every kid wants a swim party. Even Miss Kambree Jade, even though she has a January birthday.

Well, Miss Kambree Jade (my second born niece and only younger than Alexandra by seven weeks) took matters into her own hands. Kambree tapped into her connections at the Wellness Center in Fredericksburg that has an indoor pool. Kambree became one of those "lucky kids" and had a swim party... in January for her 7th birthday.
In the words of Napoleon "LUUUCKYYYY!"

I called Kambree and asked her what she wanted for her birthday.

Her response?

"a long sleeve swimsuit."

I thought "a long sleeve swimsuit? Who would make a long sleeve swimsuit? I'm pretty sure long sleeve swimsuits don't exist. Do they? ...No... Oh! What about a rash guard? But where would I find one for a kid? hmmm... Guess I'll check my "go-to" for the nieces."

Jackpot! Who knew that Gymboree sells "long sleeve swimsuits" in January! Here is Kambree in her long sleeve swimsuit.

Birthday girl!

Melissa, Meme K and Meme Marsha

My Mom (Meme K), who is wise beyond her years, always said "you can invite as many friends to your birthday party as years old you are." Meaning, if you are turning 1 year old, you can invite 1 friend. If you are turning 7 years old, you can invite 7 friends. Looks like Melissa is carrying on the tradition...

And then, Miss Birthday Girl went and lost her 5th tooth! I think the Tooth Fairy won the Texas Lottery as I heard she brings $5 a tooth. When I had 'half teeth- half spaces', my sisters teased me and called me "Snaggletooth." I wonder if I should return the favor to their kids?

How precious is Kambree? I love that she is holding her tooth in her cheek. She's no stranger to the camera! That huge grin can brighten any one's day! Love you KJ!