Monday, June 29, 2009

"How to" by Auntie Megs

How to entertain young children at Wal-Mart:
1 - Bring along Auntie Megs
2 - Auntie Megs finds a bench
3 - "crazy" pictures via camera phone
4 - Mom shops happily and peacefully

How to enjoy dinner at a restaurant:
1 - Choose an "it's okay to be loud/bring kids" restaurant

2 - Bring along Auntie Megs
3 - Seat all kids by Auntie Megs
3 - "crazy" pictures via camera phone
4 - rest of family dines happily and in oblivion

Sweet Baby Kanyon at 3 months.
Thankfully, he doesn't know how to make scary faces. Yet.

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