Wednesday, July 29, 2009



It gave a new meaning to raining cats and dogs. We had on leggings, fleeces, raincoats and ponchos and were soaked to the bones. 19.7 miles. But we cruised and finished in the top 50 out of over 1,700 walkers.

Tranquility Camp - love the sea of pink tents.


What a long and painful day. 22 miles. Hills. Multiple hills. Little sidewalks. Highways. High traffic areas. Oh and hot, hot sun. We were cruisin' until we hit lunch. It was downhill after that. We all hurt. Knees, calves, thighs, and feet. Oh, the feet. Many, many blisters. It was not pretty.

Team CashForGoldUSA that we cruised with. If you look closely, you can see the Boston skyline in the background.

Supporters. They were awesome!

Waiting for the "blister tent" at lunch.
Only 6.1 miles to camp. These are fake smiles. We were definitely in pain.
We made it!

We were up early and ready to hit the pavement. My feet were in such bad shape I walked in flip flops the entire day and my feet thanked me 10,000 times. It started off slightly chilly but quickly warmed up. The course was much more enjoyable as we walked through Cambridge, through the Back Bay, through Southie and along the water to the UMass-Boston campus by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum. We were so ready to cross that finish line. The supporters along the course were amazing. They handed out candy, stickers, water, frozen grapes on a stick (my favorite), slushies....the list goes on and on. Parents had their children out in the rain cheering for the walkers. Businesses were handing out free donuts, water, iced tea... It was touching. We saw many of the same people cheering us on every one of the three days.

I loved these three men. They were on the trail everyday. We would see them at mile 1, mile 9, mile 15 and at the finish line. They told us "you keep walking and we'll keep stalking." So cute.

Finished! 60 miles done!!

Celebrating with other walkers.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our team and supported us in this cause. It was truly an amazing experience. And who knows - we just might walk again next year!

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